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V.I MR/BWP plywood is manufactured by the use of high density hardwood timbers, which are strong and resistanct to the attack of wood destroying organisms such as borders and termites etc. Carefully selected hardwoiod timbers are peeled on a hydraulic peeling machine

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Block Boards

A superior quality block board, V.I board imbimbes the strength of solid wood and smoothness and finsih of finely bonded hardwood ply. V.I boards are manufactured from a combination of selected seasoned hardwoodpinewood timber battens and hadwood core veneers

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V.I marine plywood is made from specially selected highest grade hardwoo timber having high density an superior bonding capability. The hardwoods used for making a marine ply are not only inherently strong but are also resistant to borers, bonded and hot pressed by using high quality phenol formaldehyde resins

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